Engage your mind without losing your heart

Last week, I wrote about your mind system—the part of your spiritual anatomy that engages your intellect. This week we’ll talk about how to engage your mind system without forgoing your heat. You and I are called—along with all Christ followers—to be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2). This verse is critical […]

Your mind and your spiritual health

If you’re like many North Americans, the “mind system” probably feels comfortable and familiar. From the perspective of your spiritual anatomy, the mind system is your ability to think and learn. This system is shaped and molded by many influences as we grow up. Some of these influences are institutional—the schools we attend, the churches […]

You have no bad feelings

A white sheet of laminated paper that lists eight core feelings, anger, fear, hurt, sad lonely, guilt, shame and glad, sits crooked on camel colored textured carpet.

If you walk into my office right after I’ve led a PLUMLINE group, you’ll likely stumble across a laminated sheet. I often get distracted and leave it lying in the middle of the floor. Peer closely, and you’ll discover that it’s a vertical list of feelings. Eight, to be exact. When people first see this […]

What’s with all this “heart” talk?

Group of people engaging in discussion

When you hear me talk about your “heart system,” you might wonder just what exactly I’m referring to. Your heart system is where your feelings live—the place where your true wants and needs reside. Many people find that their heart is the most neglected system in their spiritual anatomy. Sadly, this is not surprising. So […]

When You Feel Guilty

man leans up against a white wall contemplating

What exactly is the feeling of guilt? Guilt is the feeling that arises when you have crossed a moral boundary, or done harm to yourself or another. Guilt can be a heavy feeling to feel. It is often difficult to admit when we have harmed or hurt. It is for this reason that many are […]

Learning From Your Loneliness

How do you know when you’re lonely? And, if you do find that loneliness is what you feel—what can you do about it? Loneliness is what you feel when you feel dismissed, unseen, and unknown by those in your life. This lack of meaningful connection with others may fill you with shame, remind you of […]

“To be steady while the world spins around you…”

It is a new year, but the task is still the same. Stillness. Yes, in this restless world you find yourself in, there can be sanity. There can be stillness. Stillness is what Jesus had the night a furious storm came and waves swept over the boat. Stillness is what the archer accesses when she […]

“What do you want?”

Jesus is famous for asking questions. Perhaps the question of his that resonates most around the new year is the one he asks blind Bartimaeus? “What do you want me to do for you?” This question is not without context. Bartimaeus has already let everyone within earshot know that he wants something. At one point, […]

Slowing Down For Christmas

Have you ever made it through a Christmas season and wondered, “Where’d it all go?” You’re not alone. For those that want this season to happen a little slower, and with a little more intentionality—consider this: Advent exists to help you ground in the meaning of the season. In fact, the word “Advent” actually comes […]

Understanding What Keeps You From Rest…

It can be difficult to find rest in any season, let alone the busiest one of the year. If you are already starting to experience the signs of burnout and exhaustion this December, consider this: You are a limited human being with needs for love, rest, and stillness. In fact, your ability to experience God’s […]

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